CLIA, Cruise 3Sixty the Olympics in the Cruise Industry.

Cruise Lines International Asociation

SU-O1.- (Graphic Reporter: Scott Edward)
With visitor from all over the world, CLIA’s “Cruise 3sixty” closed with outstanding records: more than 2000 travel consultants had the opportunity to: Attended the 18 Educational Seminars,
any of the  8 meetings with the major cruise liners to get their updates. Visitors could learn and practice with 24 cruise-line’s Booking Demos.

Cruise 3SIxty 2012

All these representatives for all travel agencies attended 29 workshops about products and destinations and get the inside scoop in the 5 days Ship inspection in mostly the most beautiful cities in the ocean such:

Royal Caribbean Cruise Line. Did it again

The largest ships in the world Royal Caribbean Oasis Class, both Allure & Oasis in their home port, they touring and taste the flavors as well in the Majestic of the Seas;

Carnival Cruises

they went inside the Carnival Liberty, Carnival Glory, Carnival Valor,  Carnival Destiny;

NCL FreeStyle

They enjoyed the free style of Norwegian Cruise Lines inside the Norwegian Sky.

Princess Cruises

Travel Agents & Consultants delight themselves in the Crown Princess, Island Princess, Emerald Princess…

Holland American Line

and touring the interiors of HAL Staatendam, and  HAL Maasdam.
And if that wasn’t enough on land in the Broward Convention Center the participants “HAVE TO” visit “Cruise 3sixty” Trade Show with 300 exhibitors and 26 cruise lines.

CLIA’S President with Cruise Lines’ CEOs

At must as well they had everyday Breakfast Sessions, which becomes the daily morning TV talk show hosting the major players and decision makers in this nautical world.

Gala Hall of the Fame night

But if that’s wasn’t all, nobody missed the social network over every day cocktail receptions sponsored by: specialize media, cruise liners, and the official ones hosted by CLIA with the grand “HALL OF FAME” traditional Gala dinner “The Oscar’s of the Industry” .

Major Sponsor

Everything above in a 6 day Olympic race to get the best and most of the cruise line industry.
American Express has been the major sponsor and provides the best sales tools to actualized and promote new sources for the sales teams of all agencies and retailers so they can take advantage,

30 & 20 Years on the market

and find franchises opportunities with companies like CruiseOne & Cruise Inc., whom by the way announces their upcoming successful anniversaries 20 and 30 each one in a great event inside the New Disney’s Cruise-Ship in Orlando.

MSC CEO Rick Sasso

Certainly during the process of this energetic event there are many breaking news: in 2 days continuous press conferences with announcements of all kind the highlights without doubt:
In Exclusive Rick Sasso CEO of MSC Cruises; announced that Sophia Loren as Godmother and muse inspired to the Italian luxury Cruise-Line for their new ship “Divina” ready to be christening on May 26 covering her itinerary and she will be arriving to her home Port in Miami by November 2013.

Celebrity Cruise Lines

Celebrity Cruise; Provoked a big splash with details about  the transparent balcony shower in the new ship of “Celebrity Reflection”.

Carnival new vessel BREEZE

Carnival Cruise Lines; Features the latest news of the new 130,000 ton “Carnival Breeze” to be ready for June 3 of this year and having as comedy curator “George López”…That can be hilarious.

RCCL Re-doing their entire fleet

Royal Caribbean Cruise Line; Did it again! the brand of WHY NOT!, decided to renew from the core 18 ships of their 22 fleet at once around the world. RCCL is more than aware of the new fuel regulation on the seas and the leaders in the finest ships in the world. So their executives doesn’t conforms to have the largest vessels in the ocean but they want the best for their costumers and they are getting for their ships not just a “makeup but a major intervention”  from now each one of their ships are coming back till 2014; rejuvenated, revitalized, refreshed and ready to please their faithful travelers.

NCL CEO Kevin S. Free fall in the Breakway’s H2o park

NCL Free Style & Free Slides

Another break news were delivered about the incredible fun and “Free Style” of Norwegian Cruise Linesnew ship “Breakaway” with luxurious and beautiful “Haven” Section, but aside “stuff & bla,bla”  (as the funniest easy going  CEO in the Industry) Kevin Sheehan took a short cut to announce the excitement of their “Free Fall Tween Slide in the top of the “Breakway” Aqua Park; Mr. Sheehan challenging to all press members to take the ride.

Luxury sector of Cruises

SeaDream’s President Robert W. L.

In the “high-end” luxurius Sea-Dream Club Yacht, the revelation was the new exotic itinerary in South-America traveling thought the Amazonas in virgin areas where any other cruise line has been before.

River Cruise Leader in USA




American Cruise Lines, (River cruises leader in US) not only confirms the building of their new ship Paddle River Cruise class, after the overwhelm success of their “Queen of the Mississippi” but they modernize their booking tools with a new website to keep the personalized style of their slogan American Cruise Lines “Small Ship Cruising Done Perfectly”

European River Cruises

Avalon Waterways the River cruise leader in Europe announced: New Ships, New cruises themes, New Itineraries and opening their doors to Latin-American travelers in their two “New Suite Ships” in Europe also Avalon ChoiceSM – an entirely new concept in river cruising – for 2013. And also they were unveiling plans to add five new itineraries.  .So there is a world of choices to discover, enjoy and save having the educational, fun way to travel and have the most extraordinary experiences in the Cruise World; during this great “Cruise 3sixty” Convention the race was against the time to learn, process, meet, deal and talk with this entire incredible group of expert in this growing healthy and enjoyable industry.
So let’s choose the one for us and for you….. Bone voyage!!!

Rosana Sandoval-G.
Journalist & Mass Media Consultant
facebook: Rosana Sandoval-Gallardo Muenchau
twitter: @RosanaSGM.

! The Great News…In the Oceans!

SU-O1. Graphic Reporter L. Klessig

Royal Caribbean "Oasis Class"

If the “Oasis Of the Seas” caused a big expectations, her sister ship “Allure of the Seas” was the Royal Caribbean main course that everybody could smell and desire in the process to complete the “Genesis Project” which started on autumn of 2005 when Royal Caribbean International did the unthinkable, ordered the world’s largest cruise vessel to former “Aker Yards” now “STX Finland”. Unthinkable as it was that ambitious “Genesis project” has been the odyssey this 2 major players has been passing through, to do the impossible after all the world financial down turn and achieve their goals in the precise time, without scarify quality and class they have as their signature.

President & CEO RCI in Preview of Blue Planet

 Then in September 2010, when “Allure of the Seas” was in her final stage of being complete, passing all test and inspections, the news of the green entertainment was release with the original production of Royal Caribbean’sBlue Planet” an original musical play, that showcase the element of the planet in a spectacular performance in acrobatics and magic visuals; for October was the passion of the award winning musical “Chicago ” in which preview the cast gives an outstanding performance that any renown star can pair to this young and talented actors7 actresses and dancers.

CHICAGO in Allure of the Seas

Great performance of CHICAGO

And the arrival was announced in precise time with a beautiful day “Allure of the Seas” arrives at her home Port Everglades in Fort Lauderdale Fl.  in November. 11 20, to be with her sister ship “Oasis of the Seas” in the Atlantic Ocean on November 13.

Allure of the Seas, at Home

Inside Allure new & unique features

Finally we were able to get into this magnificent floating city, where the neighborhoods are located in the same areas as her sister ship, but maintaining a different flavor in her décor, flavors and colors, new features and amenities such the first famous coffee shop Starbucks® in the middle of the Royal Promenade and  the traditional American 50’s hamburgers and fries of Johnny Rockets® near by the Aqua-Theather, where the Aquacrobatics are premier Olympics spectacle.

1st Starbucks in the Oceans

Tireless and amazing is the unique featured green natural park in the seas as this “Oasis-Class” vessels Central Park unique exotic natural plants maintain the balance in the middle of the oceans with first class sophisticated restaurants as the 150 Fine Dinning Restaurant with award winning chefs in both ships, and “Allure” host and features the first Art Gallery form Latin worldwide, master Romero Britto, who spend the day signing the piece he created especially for “Royal Caribbean”.

Allure Host Int. Latin Artist Romero Brito

150 Restaurant with awarded Chef in Allure

The first class amenities as Royal Caribbean traditional signature have splendid services such the Vitality at Sea, Spa & Fitness Program. A week is not enough to know this beautiful international city in the oceans that also take their citizens around the world to the most precious destinations, as his international crew of 2,394 where the Capitan is from Argentina and as young adventurous as the entire Royal Caribbean team and management is willing to indulges you in the fantastic experience to live on this magnificent “Allure of the Seas”.

Allure's Captain Hernan Zini

As Royal Caribbean International slogan The Nation of Why Not  even in the catalog of destination their leaders assure their slogan can hold for what they stand, a prove of it, is Labadee®’s Royal Caribbean Ltd  30 year inversion in Haiti,  where after the 2009 earthquake hit Haiti and this Cruise-Ship company assisted during the tragedy, now they are open a School facility to make a meaningful contribution not only as part of the recovery but a sustainable solution to the population in the North of Haiti.  L’ Ecole Nouvelle, is Royal Caribbean’s first School to be built in Haiti to educate new generations and also will operate as vocational training facility for adults to bring them the opportunity even to work in this company that already gives jobs over a 200 Haitians in their ships.

Chairman, CEO & President, CEO RCI

Definitely founders and shareholders has to be more than happy to have in their company great visionaries leaders such Chairman CEO Richard D. Fain and President & CEO  Adam Goldstein among other executives, keeping this huge company not only floating literally in the Oceans but even succeeding in the worst economy storms. And since is well know that Project Genesis included one more gigantic ship and currently Royal Caribbean Ltd has 3 ships under construction, the “Oasis Class mega cruisers” it can be just the beginning of a thread for a largest chain of amazing adventures Royal Caribbean International The Nation of Why Not  is willing to amaze us in this growing and fruitful Ocean Industry.
 Rosana Sandoval-G.
Journalist & Media Consultant
Hispanic Market: American Continent, Spain & Philippines
facebook: Rosana Sandoval-Gallardo Muenchau 
twitter: @RosanaSGM

¿Por qué No? Royal Caribbean es ambientalista hasta en sus espectáculos a bordo.

SU-O1.-  ALLURE OF THE SEAS, está en el proceso de llegar a América. Entre los  detalle de los terminados y la organización de los 2,394 empleados  provenientes  de  71 nacionalidades a bordo del crucero más grande del mundo a la par del  OASIS OF THE SEAS,  y el Segundo de la nueva clase  OASIS CLASS SHIP de Royal Caribbean  está casi listo para llegar a su puerto hogar Port Everglades en la  Terminal 18  de la ciudad de  Fort Lauderdale, Fl. para Diciembre del 2010.  

Royal Caribbean "Oasis Class"


 Adam Goldstein Presidente  de Royal Caribbean, compartió con la prensa un almuerzo en el donde los anfitriones fueron los  personajes de la Película animada  “Madagascar” Alex (Leon), Gloria (Hipo), King Julian (Lemur) and Sweet Maureen (Aye-Aye) pusieron el ritmo con su canción  ♫♪ I like it move it. Mo ve it♫♪ para sacudirnos como el previo del ensayo general  de uno de los mejores espectáculos  en el mar el musical, 

“Blue Planet”. 


R.C. Madagascar Lunch


Sorpresivamente en su discurso de bienvenida el señor, Goldstein , hiso una declaración de la entera confianza que tiene en su equipo para mostrar un entretenimiento de primera clase:  ¿No es que hagamos los mejores musicales de Broadway es más bien si Broadway puede hacer lo que estamos haciendo?  Y no bromeaba  en un estudio de ensayos improvisado en una de las bodegas de la Universidad  Nova, sin vestuario, iluminación ó decoración teatral que animara el escenario, el reparto de casi 30  bailarines y gimnastas con 4 cantantes 2 hombres y dos mujeres en sus leotardos negros de entrenamiento regular  descalzos ó con zapatos de jazz nos dieron un show que fácil levanta a cualquiera de su silla.  

Confident CEO Royal Caribbean


 Armoniosas y limpias voces interpretaron éxitos de música pop, contando una historia sobre los elementos y ecosistemas que integran nuestro planeta. A través del Universo  (“Across the Universe”) del cuarteto de los Beatles fue una de las canciones del génesis en el show. Parejas volando en paracaídas haciendo increíbles malabares acrobáticos y realizando interesantísimas coreografías, con un monitor de conferencias en el lado derecho en el que se mostraban los vestuarios diseñados para cada canción. El himno de Louis Armstrong (“What Wonderful World”) Que Hermosos es el mundo,  tiene un arreglo increíblemente bello que se ajusta perfectamente  a la transición del cielo a la selva donde el árbol de la vida (Tree Of Life) que realmente recobra vida cuando 17 miembros del reparto interactúan y salen de él, lo que promete una interesante puesta en escena.    

"Blue Planet" Cast


Ya viene el sol (“Here comes the Sun”) de los Beatles es la canción de bienvenida a las dunas de los desiertos que son formadas con manos y cuerpos  en una bella transición al elemento del agua, en donde este show tiene la intención de llevar a los espectadores al fondo marino con canciones  de U2, Madonna y Patrick Swayze. Otros éxitos de los 70’s 80’s  y 90’s  embellecen las transformaciones del viento, el fuego hasta llegar con el Ser Humano. Es admirable la condición física y la disciplina del entrenamiento para mantener en  dos horas y media al tope la energía en demandantes y fuertes piruetas, soportes, flotar, brincar, rodar, bailar para culminar el show en la mini reproducción de su propia versión en los trampolines  que se usan en (Cirque du Solei) . Ojalá que el vestuario  sea tan vistoso y rompa con la casa.  

Production Team's ALison R. for Hispanic Media


 El  Teatro Ambar (Amber Theater )del Segundo Crucero más grande del mundo  ALLURE OF THE SEAS  tendrá extraordinarias puestas en escena; no obstante  el musical de El Planeta Azul , “Blue Planet “ sin duda es la mejor forma  de mostrarle al mundo que  Royal Caribbean  es una compañía ambientalista hasta en el entretenimiento; ya que están reciclando grandes éxitos musicales con temas actuales creando consciencia sobre los elementos y ecosistemas con una extraordinaria producción y participación humana.  El musical “Blue Planet”  promueve entretenimiento único lleno de energía con en un perfecto balance  en el tema sobre las maravillas del planeta.  

President R.C. ALways great with the press


  Ciertamente  Mr. Goldstein con su analítica naturaleza supo que sus expectaciones como las nuestras serian más que cubiertas; y si este ensayo previo  mantuvo a la audiencia aplaudiendo con esa extraordinaria  representación, definitivamente  los pasajeros del  ALLURE OF THE SEAS  que tendrán la oportunidad de disfrutar de esta producción en su totalidad, con el vestuario, y todos los elementos electrónicos mas la decoración del escenario van a quedar arrollado de tanta energía.  

Central Park at Oasis of the Sea


Embelleciendo este espectáculo el Crucero ALLURE OF THE SEAS  lo mismo que su predecesor “Oasis of the Sea”; destaca entre sus facilidades el Parque Central  (Central Park) en donde crecen plantas naturales como el Laurel Cubano, El Bamboo de Oro, las matas de los alcatraces y llilas como parte de la bella colección de plantas de la costa y especies  sub-tropicales de todo el mundo que crecen ahí.  

Real trees growing in Central Park


 Igualmente  en esta zona  se ofrecen  las clases de horticultura (Park’s Horticulturalist) dentro de los programas educacionales para los niños y sus padres, que consiste en una lección general de las técnicas de jardinería  y otras enseñanzas sobre la fantástica ecología del Caribe con plantaciones de café, el árbol de Cocoa, las piñas enanas, las cañas de azúcar de jengibre, árboles enanos de plátano entre otras especies.  

Real plant growing on the Sea


De la misma forma que su antecesor, ALLURE OF THE SEAS,  ha sido diseñado con la consciencia de aplicar  la tecnología de eficiencia energética, y las emisiones de gases de Carbono, con la técnica de los paneles solares funcionando como uno de los cruceros más ambientalistas en el mundo.  

Royal Caribbean "Oasis Class"


Viajar en un crucero no es más un lujo, es una gran oportunidad de aprender y disfrutar un viaje alrededor del mundo en ciudades flotantes en el mar; una experiencia súper saludable al alcance de todos los presupuestos en la línea del ¿Por qué No? de  Royal Caribbean.  

Rosana Sandoval-G.         
Journalist & Mass Media Consultant 
facebook: Rosana Sandoval-Gallardo Muenchau 
twitter: @RosanaSGM.