AZIMUT-BENETTI goes UP Fashion with Stefano Ricci

SU-O1-In the field of luxury megayachts, AZIMUT-BENETTI as the firm goes ahead increasing their production of mega-yachts. Since 1970 AZIMUT began building yachts they development prestigious brands such as Azimut Yachts, Azimut Grande and Atlantis. But with the acquisition in 1984 of BENETTI; AZIMUT grows as a group of 3 to 9 marks: Benetti Yachts, Yachtique, Fraser Yachts, Lusben, Marina di Varazze and Royal Yacht Club of Moscow.

Benetti's Mega Yacht Bss. CEO

Benetti’s Mega Yacht
Bss. CEO

The brand BENETTI was founded in 1873 transfer
it’s nobility as a legend in the boating industry with extensive experience in building great products, from solid ships for World War II, merchant ships, sailboats and sumptuous yachts to the young company.

Benetti's Mega Yachts Sale Director

Benetti’s Mega Yachts Sale Director

The synergies of AZIMUT-BENETTI change the world of  yachts with their  particular way as group specializing in build elegant mega-yachts with the highest technology.

Diamonds Are For EverMega Yacht

Diamonds Are For Ever
Mega Yacht

Precisely as AZIMUT-BENETTI demonstrated in the most important exhibition in the United Etates in “Fort Laurderdale International  Boat Show” (FLIBS 2012) Where Azimut-Benetti had on display the latest mega-yacht built by BENETTI “DIAMONDS ARE FOR EVER” their newest lavish and fully equipped floating jewel.

Diamonds Are For Ever VIP Features

Diamonds Are Forever VIP Features

The lush interior of the 200 feet (61m) was designed by Evan K. Marshall. “DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER” is a moving mansion replete with unexpected eccentricities as television screens
behind each mirror and even in the bathrooms, a concept of extreme ostentation with a gym and a spa and elegant built cabins for 12 guests and 15 members the crew.

Diamonds Are For Ever Gym

Diamonds Are Forever Gym

BENNETTI historically has been a leader in the construction of mega-yachts, in 1979,
gave “Nabila” an order of Adnan Khashoggi, the first mega-yacht of 83 m. (272.31 feet) and 2465.Ton, who later was the “Trump Princess”, the largest mega-yacht at the time, so the presence of the massive “DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER” in the middle of hurricane risk “Sandy”, during the press conference held by executives of AZIMUT-BENETTI:  Fortunato Di Marco, Alberto Perrone Da Zara and CEO Vincenzo Poerio, was the perfect example to inform the American continent, on the project “Design Innovation”, the BENETTI’s idea was announced last September, during the Monaco Yacht Show.

Benetti's Yacht Designers Contestants from all over the world

Benetti’s Yacht Designers Contestants from all over the world

“Design Innovation” is a bold new project that will mark a new era of BENNETTI, in the evolution of
design, style and home-feel printed by BENETTI Yachts in their 140 year history it represents an ambitious aspiration
. – Stated Vicenzo Poerio BENETTI’s Megayacht Business Unit CEO-:

Vincenzo P. Benetti's CEO

Vincenzo P. Benetti’s CEO

“We have decided to offer this challenge for most prestigious yacht  world’s designers. Almost twenty architectural firms are working in dozens of designs and new concepts into categories yachts from 50 to 90 + meters, offering new opportunities for guidance and interpretation for the future design of our mega-yachts. Poerio said. Currently, 16 companies yacht
designers have been approved for this contest”

Filippo Ricci, Yacht Division of Stefano Ricci's House

Filippo Ricci, Yacht Division of Stefano Ricci’s House

The fact that Benetti have 16 designers to redefine excellence and traditional elegance BENETTI’s DNA can be a real challenge, just deal with the personalities of the participants, especially in a contest to overcome the historical tradition of the luxurious brand STEFANO RICCI and yacht designer LUCA DINI, who presented their interpretation and design concept
for 72m models (236.feet). The prototype  LUCA DINI and STEFANO RICCI yacht has within the household handicrafts Florentine luxury brand that support STEFANO RICCI.

Filippo Ricci, Yacht Mode 72

Filippo Ricci, Yacht Mode 72

Each space meets design codes that have been used traditionally to maintain the high level excellence of our firm as: Californian briar root wood, Tuscan travertine marble and crocodile skin. “– Declared Filippo Ricci, (Creative Director and bloodline descendant in the aristocracy RICCI) -” The new Yacht division STEFANO RICCI fully compliant with the philosophy of the brand “100% Made in Italy” as an expression of the highest quality and exquisite creativity. It is a great honor for us to be part of this project, an excellent brand  alliance with a leading shipyard such as Benett “i-said-Mr. Filippo Ricci, during the presentation of his 72 ModelLUCA RICCI as plus FILIPPO RICCI gave us a virtual tour inside the gorgeous yacht.

Benetti UP Fashion with Stefanno Ricci

Benetti UP Fashion with Stefanno Ricci

This collaboration is particularly consistent with the philosophy of BENETTI, brand and STEFANO RICCI together as global ambassadors of Italian style and exquisite expression of the highest level of excellence in couture products. We are proud to count among our designers family members of STEFANO RICCI “- concluded. Vincenzo Poerio.


Rosana Sandoval-G.
Journalist & Media Consultant

Summer in the Celebration Industry still hot and full of options.

 SUO1.-  Even though speculations about a down size in the Wedding Industry, the official data on TWR (We-TV Wedding Report)

Wedding's Industries Report

accepted by the Wall Street Journal assures that spending is climbing on the remainder 2010, 11, 12 and 13, with an average cost in a wedding around $21,600 to $21,800 that was spend in 2008, before falling to $19,500 in 2009. The brief said that the Industry suffers a dramatic turn down between 2008 & 2009.

Wedding Report Statistics

 However there is stand still during the worst decline on the economy but the same report predicts a coming back in the pay out in the Celebration Industries and recognizes that companies most to success, are the ones that have been doing smart investment putting themselves out in the media exposing good quality, creativity and how they reinvented their products every time; the same principle apply to the Venues specialize in this affluent Industry.

NAWP East South Florida CH

In South Florida the Wedding & Celebration industry is rising good; Associations, Event Planners and Professionals on the Celebration Industry are showing the world how things can be done with good taste, quality and practicality.Everything available to all budgets.

NAWP's Directors Board

President Jannette Alix

The NAWP( National Association of Wedding Professionals) South Florida Chapter celebrated 10 years promoting loyal business and partnership between their members; the President of this Chapter, Event Planner and Experienced Director of Catering Services in Several companies & venues, Jannette Alix received recognition from her colleagues.

MBCC Host 10th NAWP Anniversary

Miami Beach Convention Center Team

Diversity and solidarity show the Board of Directors, offer to new affiliates certainty that they will get leads, support and give away great deals between members of NAWP.

Well Know Foto Artist Peter Grant

The Miami Beach Convention Center hosted this event with red carpet and offered a huge cold cuts meat & fruit, cheese’s fountain with Cuban-mojitos and other beverages during the network; for the ceremony warm veggies, and chicken meat hor-d’eouvres; perfect desert delicious mixtures of gourmet yogurt decadent ice-cream & sorbet.

3, J Hospitality

Venues with multi scenarios and ambiances are doing great showcasing the variety of entertainment options,
“3 J. Hospitality Group” in the heart of Fort Lauderdale Fl. Is offering 3 properties with 2 stores each one, in the most creative and upgrade ambiances:

The green Room

 Green Room is the youngest appeal trendy place in which cool white mixture flamboyant New York meets Ft. Lauderdale in two floors up, following into a labyrinth entrance to a 3 store down Industrial flamboyant theatre and dance floor, with connection to a refreshing big tiki Floridian America’s Backyard the 2 store huge place, full of open bars and air theater pool.

Revolution Life Blues Brothers Show

Revolution Live

America's Back Yard

Easily these properties can hold more than couple hundreds of people in each one of them to celebrate corporative and family celebration in and out door with unique flavors. Cathy Jenkins, Special Event Manager from the Group, did welcome to all Professionals from the Celebration Industry and offered the best of their Cuisine, fresh informal menu with delicious king shrimp in blue tortillas chips, fresh guacamole, juicy hamburgers, and Caribbean tostones with meat toppings.

!Always Good News!

Since these facilities are in different levels, the preferred vendors and catering companies of the group offered complimentary flavors all around with options in: Italian, Greek and Indian cuisines on all over these 3 buildings…Music by the international “Blues Brothers Band” as complementary show for any event that could be planted in the Revolution Live Theater which has the dance floor to swing and show the moves as the mayor entertainment attraction; there were souvenirs vendors such photo booths all over the floors making the tour a funny theme park experience also with an entertained fortune teller, so much fun to offer in a open house, from !cool to oh-wow, ending in the hot patio heat!.

New Kid on the Block

Elite Bridal Network a local young and successful organization has becoming the fresh air in the Celebration Industry in South Florida, Stephanie Bosco and her partners Ela & Jason Raveling ( NeoArt Photography) are showcasing in the most outstanding venues young entrepreneurs in the celebration industry ready to display the upcoming variety of products and services with exquisite taste and upgrade brilliant ideas with fine tasteful products.

Ela R & Stephanie B.

 Each month Bosco and the Ravelings, explore new venues and select form their abundant pool network of vendors the ones that will fit with the ambiance and theme they’re programming during monthly network and taste reunion.  So far in the first semester the top on the outstanding venues is The charming Mediterranean style of the beach of Sunny Isles “The Aqualina Resort” a five diamond property with the sophistication and upscale level of service with a private garden beach and elegance in the 3 levels ocean view pools.

Aqualina on Elite BN Look

Perfect landscape designs and vintage architecture beautiful archery with a look alike coral rocks in the stairs, a smart way to lead the visitors on the property to the brilliant classic design of beach tents where the Aqualina Spa was offering a great opportunities to be pamper in the most up-grade style for brides and vendor.

Fresh variety tastingInternational options

Exquisite quality in food  fresh grill variety of vegetables, Italian and Asian and Mediterranean delightful proposals  offered by the specialized chefs from the Hotel.

Perfect Settings

Fresh decor

Chic, distinctive, original designs on furniture and decoration proposals were all over, man in  fire’s entertainer and traditional give away for the attendees were the ribbon of this Elite Bridal Networking Show that top Elite Bridal Summer.

Prices & More

Unique entertainment

In Fort Lauderdale Fl. The South Florida, Chapter of NACE (National Association of Catering Executives) had one of a kind meeting in the extensive facilities of the most prestigious national provider of rentals to all taste with exquisite display in options on the tables décor from the most bold, dramatic, extravagant to the simples organic and elegant options at Panache in Pompano Beach.

NACE'S Welcome

Bold Choices

As if this match were enough Bonie Fimaro President of the South Florida Chapter of NACE, put the cherry on top with a sitting dinner after that in a minute in the tent was display of creative and sophisticated food options with more interesting fair food from:

NACE @ Panache

East South Fl. Panache

Culinaire Distinctive Dining;  “Sea Level” Restaurant Chef Jason Connelly; well know Exquisite Catering by Robert; delicious and fine delights by Dean Max executive Chef from 3030 Ocean;

Great culinary displays

Bonnie F. Nace S.F. President

tasteful bites by Parkland Chef Catering owner Chef Keith Blauschild; Lolas flavors by Michael Wagner; Rich and abundant Italian cuisine display, from antipasto to éclairs by Gino Deli opening the way to desserts, fresh ice-cream chops combination with fruit and sweet garnish as toppings by Cold Stone; desert bar full in flavor and combines by Lovely Laze; follow by Susie’s Custom Design Gourmet Cakes and to close the line by Sweet Buffet for all occasions by Prestigie Sweet Creations.

Hot Cool NACE

Healthy Sweets

But it couldn’t be miss decadent sweet fresh juicy strawberries, and pineapples with bathe on dark, sweet and white Chocolate Fountains of South Florida.

Cafe Ala Carte

Photography Sponsor

NACE aside to be the oldest largest Catering Association in the world in Florida is becoming a guide-light to the rest of de organizations related in the Celebration Industries.

Wedding Industry Authorities

Never the less and unfortunately without the glamour and success as use to be at the Biltmore Hotel, The Wedding Salon in Miami Beach Fl. this year at the Gansevoort, had outstanding vendors, however flows were inevitable, unfortunate quality of brides that attended were precisely  attracted by  this company tradition; And  even though her President Tatiana Byron was satisfy with the almost 1000 attendants, the survey with the brides before our tour inside show was evidently  disappointed, “small, tacky and hot”, were  adjectives the brides describe it on their way out. Local authorities on the wedding Industry, for the first time get together with Creator of “The Wedding Salon” to support this great effort from this Important National Bridal Show that use to be the lead in trends and upper high quality every year in the Wedding Industry.

1920’s estate

In summer definitely the best Bridal show in all counts was taken by The Addison in Boca Raton, Fl.  A 1920’s estate enhanced by up-scale loyal preferential vendors that feature the best quality proposals to very upscale brides from royal decoration to the elegant simplicity in trendy whites.

Exclusive property

Outstanding and original combination in floral displays with a perfect choice in fresh ornamental that fill the place with bold colors and fragrances in flowers by David Dalsimer artist décor of Dalsimer Atlas, shared the Main Dining Room with Munoz Photo Studios.Feature in the Fountain Room shining Pandora Jewelers.

MNG Addison Helen Parson

In the Club Room, Better rentals share with Ultimate Wellness. Upstairs in the Banyan Room Pianist & Harpist Anne Akersin welcome the brides with tune proper for royalty and room’s décor was extraordinary luxury, Look Great spa Salon in the other side with Wedding Consultants and Stylish all over.Huge Ice sculpture By Sculptured Ice Occasions in the Lounge Bar.

Classic & upgraded décor

Mizner Ballroom host Café ala Carte, It’s My Party Invitations, Ana Paz Wedding Cakes, Center Stage Entertainment, Clear Vision Pictures, 5 Start Furniture & Lighting, in the upstairs Balcony William & Sonoma A Chocolate Affair. In the Courtyard Middle, Labelle Linen, Master Musicians.Innovative promotion for 3 day wedding package; the perfect menu for a perfect venue: Appetizer Crab cake, Avocado, Corn and grape fruit salad, bay greens, aged sherry vinaigrette; Sorbet Shot, Pink lemonade; Entrée herb grilled filet mignon, mushroom Ragout, cauliflower potato purse, cream spinach, baby carrots and golden beets; Desert mini strawberry shortcake and crème-brülée tartlets in the main salon; Asian twist at the low-level patio.

Elite BN AqualinaNACE option

NACE Panache displays

Definitely the first semester of 2010, in Florida is reinforcing what national statistics are predicting a steady germination thanks to the support of the hard work by the associations, loyalty between venues and vendors.
The new ingredient to keep growing is a healthy investment to showcase their products and services on the right spot for the potential clientele; everything goes  in media in all ways and forms to brand their products and services to succeed and not just survive.

Photos : Peter Grant, NeoArt Photography, Monika May

 Rosana Sandoval-G.
Journalist & Mass Media Consultant 
facebook: Rosana Sandoval-Gallardo Muenchau 
twitter: @RosanaSGM.