26 Years Cruise Shipping Miami…Cruises Industries Growing solid

SU-O1.-  CSM, ( Cruise Shipping Miami) Being the larger congress with  92 active experts in the Cruise industry and larger Expo with 17 Countries on display  341 companies had several delegates to attend the 24 simultaneous session in average of 6 per day in 4 days with a coverage of 90 specialized media from all over the world in Cruise Shipping Industry attending 25 press conferences, also this event support 2 main organization such  Florida Caribbean Cruise Association (FCCA) and  Cruise Line International Association  (CLIA) and for the first time in the 26 anniversary of former (Seatrade Show) now Cruise Shipping Miami had Travel Agent Education program sessions.26 Years putting togehter the high rank executives in the Cruise Shipping Industries                 
Highlight sessions:
Online cabin security and Evacuation.
Ecolab, Islas Canarias,
The Global Source Market,
Global deployment,
The State of the Cruise Industry,
Cruising for the Upscale consumer,
USA Coast Guard Forum,
Expanding and Refurbishing the Fleet,
Destination Caribbean,
Patterns for deployment,
Alaska Panel,
Terminal design and passenger Handling,
Expedition and Discovery Cruising, and
Environmental Compliance.  

Cruise Down Under


During Global Deployment session, Cruise Down Under a co-operative marketing brand for Australian and the Pacific region, Chairman Richard Doyle, set the record over the increase of environmental trends and Asian passengers, Doyle  mention that this success is related on a very important factor; the  investment in the ports facilities bringing a healthy economic impact.  

Ravenna Terminal Passeggeri , Italy

Ravenna Terminal Passeggeri , Italy


 Giueppe Fabbro, Managign Director, of Ravenna Terminal Passengeri Italy also express a concern about he possibility with the existing fleet of cruises and the congestion can overflow the ports for 2020. 

Cruise Atlantic Europe


Michael Mc Carthy
as representative of Port Cruise Atlantic Europe presents this new way to take advantage of the beautiful long coastline in Europe with The Atlantic Europe Partnership, 5 countries with 7 Ports.  Offering Excursions and getting great benefits on reduction of costs, creating awareness  of Brands, Mc Carty announces a new association with itineraries that includes ports in Brazil , Canada an USA, matching languages with the Ports they have it.      



 James Seymour, Gral. Manager Tourism Kwan Zulu, Duban South Africa, Deliver news over the investment in infrastructure that Kenya and the entire Indian Ocean as the New frontier for cruises.  

Royal Caribbean Cruises


Of course the Caribbean wasn’t out of the global deployment and Mike Ronan as VP Government Relations in the Caribbean and Latin America from Royal Caribbean inform that distribution of the growth in the industry depends of the formula Value vs Delivery , the quality standards are changing, now aside short excursions had to include meet the expectations of the costumer in every destination. 

Hong-Kong Tourism Board

Honk Kong Tourism Board


From Hong-Kong Tourism Board, Gill Wong assure  the Asian tourism will surpass world average grow in service and destinations, he said that Asia has the GDP on 13.8 trillion a 23% of the world GDP.(Gross Domestic Product) and announces that Hon-Kong Investment on Logistic and strategic since their geographic location on the China south Coast aside the fact that Hon-Kong is the 179 largest habited territory in the world with a great history of costume service, he forecast  a hotel capacity of 68,000 rooms on  215 Hotels fro 2012 with signature attractions and getting ready for 2013 to receive the Genesis Project of Royal Caribbean such Oasis and allure of the Seas.   

Isas Canarias

Canary Islands


In another Session was: The Canary Islands with session “A fortunate Encounter on every Scale” “In economic crisis creativity and loyalty make you succeed”, Said Yolanda Perdomo Tourism Vice Minister of Canary Islands.  The strategic has been design on 3 topics, personalized model on “We share our fortune” “Say not  to Winter Blues” “A Fortunate Encounter on every scale” Jose  Maria Rull General Manager  DDB Canaries Island Official Communication Agency host the session with some refreshments and light fare meanwhile they display the new facilities and services that is offering this beautiful archipelago islands . 

  Rosana Sandoval-G
Journalist & Mass Media Consultant
: Rosana Sandoval-Gallardo Muenchau 
twitter: @RosanaSGM.


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