Sophisticated, exotic, practical, innovative and even environmental was the Stylish Wedding Showcase at the Gansevoort in South Beach

SU-O1.- On the Wedding and Celebration Industries a big step was made by “Stylish Wedding  Show  Case” produced by Pink Carpet under leadership of Alexandra Agostini and her team, which make possible to set together in the Gansevoort Hotel, with a practicality way  6 other Venues 4 professional, experienced and well respected event planners like Milena Liaskovitz from ML.Events. 4 Fashion Boutique and Accessories; Bloomingdales as Gift Register  & Photo Artist and Videographers companies, 2 Destination Weddings, 2 Hair, Make-up, styling professionals,  2 favor & Invitation Representatives, 3 desert & Treats, 2 catering companies, Dj Musicians and Entertainment firms 3 Upscale Design & Décor  Companies , 3 Floral Décor, Beauty & fitness 3 corporation 2 Spas. 2 Non Profit Organization and 4 Printed media with ANMAR magazine the only one magazine in which the front page and the main story is the Married couple, all the vendors were  on display in a very interesting distribution in suites and fluid aisles exposed to people’s traffic of more than hundred couples brides and grooms to be, from 4pm to 9 pm.
On a short tour in the floor expo and well produce herself Agostini tell us about a display of over $100,000 on sample wedding dresses from the most famous designers such Vera Wang, Oscar de la Renta, Karl Lagerfeld, Valentino & Angel Sanchez among others well establish designers in the VIP islands setting in the middle of the walking area between the suites… 

Aside the exclusivity on the vendors selection, such Bond, Concierge Wedding Planning, strategically were place 4 bar corners with a selection of Wine, Liqueur Hypnotic, Dukes Gold vodka, and Don Cardona Tequila which was available to all the attendees. 

Upstanding innovative ideas make it this show the originality of a Gifting Suite with a variety of prices valued on $10,000.
However 2 Suites were on the top of the list: The “Joy Wallace” display of incredible set imposing a trend in design on a whole high-end celebration…

And the “Groom Suite” with interesting and attractive products and services just for grooms to be who can enjoy a Cuban Cigar made on the stage a fancy design  Rock Band, a social new web  to guys “”, with a shot of Tequila to try the obliged tuxedos options. 

Unbelievable was to consider the green side of the Wedding / Celebration Industry; in the middle of all glamour of the stylish was MetroZoo Miami as one of the Venues, guiding also the brides and groom to consider an environmentally friendly but exotic wedding in the middle of the one most interesting natural ambiance in South Miami. 

Brides and groom were able to taste of exotic appetizers such the tuna watermelon sticks, peanut chicken, salmon roles, spring egg-roles, coconut cream with cuscus, delicious desert apple blue berry cake, and walnut brown sugar mini-bars, provide by the fine cuisine from the hotel host of the Event Gansevoort in Miami Beach.

Surely the event was busy enough and the couples were happy to attend an event which  allow all the vendors to expose original fine products and services great ideas, to the Bride and Groom to be with select  option of places to make their wedding an unforgettable day live.

  Rosana Sandoval-G
Journalist & Mass Media Consultant
: Rosana Sandoval-Gallardo Muenchau 
twitter: @RosanaSGM.


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